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The Higgs Government must ease the impact of the property assessment spike

October 26, 2021News

With the deadline to appeal property assessments approaching quickly, the Official Opposition is urging the Higgs Government to ease the impact of the sudden property assessment spike on New Brunswickers.


The total assessed value of properties in the province has increased by $5.2 billion with many households seeing increases ranging from 5% to over 10%. New Brunswickers can expect significant increases to their property tax bills.


“It’s time for the Higgs Government to show real leadership by making decisions that help New Brunswickers” says Official Opposition Leader, Roger Melanson. “The Higgs Government is reporting a $409 million surplus in 2020-21, is projecting another sizeable surplus this year and will soon benefit from a potential windfall in property tax. Government has benefitted from large sums of additional tax dollars over the course of the pandemic, when will there be a benefit to New Brunswickers?”


While the Province is seeing a large increase in revenues, the inflation rates in New Brunswick are climbing at an alarming rate, meaning New Brunswickers are seeing a drastic increase in the cost of living.


“Many New Brunswickers are struggling to make ends meet,” says the interim Liberal Leader. “The cost of everything from housing to food is increasing rapidly as inflation rates in the province climb quicker than the national average.”


“Premier Higgs and his cabinet must show leadership on the property tax file and not download the burden on municipalities. The current fiscal situation provides this government with an opportunity to provide real help to New Brunswickers.” says Melanson. “A government should never balance the books on the backs of the people it is supposed to serve. They must help New Brunswickers deal with the rising cost of living and the financial impact of the pandemic by providing them property tax relief. If big business can benefit from tax relief, so should New Brunswick families.”