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Our Values of the NBLA


The New Brunswick Liberal Party is committed to full gender equality and is open to all New Brunswickers who accept Liberal principles, regardless of their race, creed, social standing, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

The New Brunswick Liberal Party believes that all citizens are entitled to an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives, including the opportunity to participate in originating, developing and debating of policies and legislation. The New Brunswick Liberal Party will proudly act as a vehicle through which members and citizens can voice their opinions and shape public policy in New Brunswick.

Through a commitment to equal opportunity, and a belief in the inherent dignity of all people, the New Brunswick Liberal Party will strive to advance progressive and innovative policies and programs designed to overcome social inequities, whether based on economic or regional factors, age, gender and sexual orientation, ethnic background, or physical or mental ability.

The New Brunswick Liberal Party will strive to encourage and enhance multiculturalism in New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Liberal Party stands for full linguistic and cultural equality of those who speak French and those who speak English, and of the equality of the two linguistic communities. These principles will be reflected both in the development of policies and in internal practices.

Susan Holt, wearing jeans and a striped t-shirt, smiling and walking with a group of people in the sun on a busy boardwalk, beside a colourful mural at Container Village in Saint John, NB.
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