Kevin M. Vickers

The leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party

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National Acadian Day

The following statement was issued today by Kevin Vickers, Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, who will be participating in National Acadian Day festivities in Bouctouche and Dieppe on August 15.   “Established on the North American continent for more than four centuries, the Acadian people have shaped our history through their resilience, vibrancy and … Continued

August 15, 2019

7,300 jobs lost in July

“Statistics Canada’s monthly labour force survey  shows that New Brunswick has lost 7,300 full-time jobs in July, which represents a net jobs loss of 4,800. Unemployment is going up in New Brunswick.  It is at 8.5% while it’s at 5.7% in Canada.   Hopefully this does not become a trend.  We don’t know yet. What … Continued

August 9, 2019