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The leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party

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Op-Ed: Liberals support a comprehensive review of pesticide use in NB

There has been an ongoing debate centered on the use of the herbicide, Glyphosate in New Brunswick.   Proponents of its use argue that it is essential for use in sectors like Forestry and Agriculture and that it does not present a threat to human health. Opponents of its use, want to see it limited … Continued

January 17, 2020

The Official Opposition calls on the Higgs government to put an end to ambulance transfer limits

In light of recent troubling stories regarding ambulance transfers, liberal health critic Jean-Claude D’Amours calls on the Higgs government to put an end to non-emergency ambulance transfer limits and to stop hiding crucial information when making government announcements.   “In 2018, Premier Higgs and his right-hand-man Kris Austin held a press conference announcing a new non-emergency ambulance transfer system,” said D’Amours. … Continued

January 15, 2020