Kevin M. Vickers

The leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party

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Kevin Vickers calls on Blaine Higgs to release details on Federal Court Challenge

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers is calling on Premier Blaine Higgs to publicly release details regarding how much taxpayer money has been wasted pursuing fruitless court challenges to the Federal Government’s price on pollution.   “I’m so pleased that the Premier has finally realized that he’s spent enough taxpayer money and has decided to abandon this … Continued

July 11, 2019

Higgs Government votes to suppress important document

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers is questioning why the Higgs government continues to try to hide the original findings of a working committee established to propose measure to help the city of Saint John find ways to deal with its ongoing financial challenges.   At a public accounts committee meeting this week, a Liberal motion to … Continued

July 3, 2019