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2018 audited financial statements show surplus

Financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 31 show a surplus of $67 million. The statements were independently audited by Auditor General Kim MacPherson.   For the third year in a row, our economy is growing at a rate faster than predicted by private sector economists. We have turned our economy around while making … Continued

August 21, 2018

Liberals to maintain moratorium on fracking and ban on disposal of fracked waste water

Premier Brian Gallant, leader of the Liberal Party, announced today that a re-elected Liberal Government will maintain its moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, and its ban on the disposal of fracked wastewater.   Gallant also committed, if re-elected, to fully implementing the new water strategy developed by his government in its previous mandate.   Immediately upon … Continued

August 21, 2018

Liberals to provide free second-language training

A re-elected Liberal government will make second-language training available free of charge to all interested adult New Brunswickers.   The new program builds on one that was launched in January 2017, for unemployed New Brunswickers. In September 2016, the Gallant government announced an investment of $1-million to offer second-language training to unemployed New Brunswickers through … Continued

August 21, 2018

Liberals have a plan for sustainable development of natural resources

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant stopped in Belledune today to discuss his party’s plan for the sustainable development of natural resources.   In building on the progress already achieved through the Gallant Government’s multi-year Economic Growth Plan, today’s commitment will result in the further development of new markets and will add value to New Brunswick’s traditional … Continued

August 20, 2018