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Statement on suspending the scheduled carbon tax increase

March 15, 2024News

At a time when so many New Brunswickers are struggling to make ends meet, it’s unreasonable to ask them to pay more for a federal carbon tax increase. Today, we join our colleagues from across Atlantic Canada in asking that the federal government to suspend the scheduled increase of the carbon tax on April 1st until April 2025.

Due to Premier Higgs’ inaction on affordability, our friends and neighbours across the province are struggling to pay rent, pay property taxes, buy groceries, get gas and ensure their families have the basic necessities. If Higgs really wanted to get rid of the federal carbon tax he could do it tomorrow with his own plan.

We shouldn’t stop there. Premier Higgs could make life more affordable for everyone living in the province right now by eliminating the clean fuel adjuster which has already cost New Brunswickers more than $40 million. We’ve also repeatedly called on the Higgs government to save New Brunswickers money by removing the provincial tax off electricity bills.

Our team is committed to fighting climate change and we will do that with a bold made-in-New Brunswick plan that reflects our local reality and opportunities. We all have a role to play in ensuring a sustainable future for our province. New Brunswickers need options and help to change. And right now, New Brunswickers need a break.

Susan Holt

Leader of the Official Opposition