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Premier Higgs Abandons Post-Secondary Education Students

June 24, 2022News

“Premier Higgs must do more to make post-secondary education affordable in New Brunswick through improved support for students.


New Brunswick students were shocked to learn that they will no longer have access to the NB-EI Connect program. The news that this program was cut came to light late yesterday after it was quietly shared with some key groups. When speaking to media yesterday, Premier Higgs stated that this program never should have been created. He believes this is a positive thing. His comments demonstrate clearly just how out of touch he is with the struggles that average families are having to pay for post-secondary education. Where is the focus on helping the students who are struggling with high tuition costs? Blaine Higgs is making postsecondary education inaccessible for low-income students – it’s becoming an opportunity only for the elite.


After being elected in 2018, the Higgs Government immediately cancelled programs designed to make post-secondary education accessible to students from low-income families, notably the Free Tuition Program. New Brunswick has the lowest rate of post-secondary enrollment in Atlantic Canada, Premier Higgs is failing to remove the financial barriers discouraging high school graduates from pursuing higher education.


The Provincial Government has the capacity to create and implement programs that would ease the financial burden on students, especially those from low-income families and we are calling on the Higgs Government to do just that! It’s time to bring back free tuition for those who need it most. As the Official Opposition, we will continue to advocate on behalf of New Brunswick students and their families.”


Chuck Chiasson

Official Opposition critic for Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour