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Opposition Leader Calls for Government to Ensure COVID-19 Measures are Properly Planned and Resourced

April 28, 2021News

The Leader of the Official Opposition is calling on the Higgs government to ensure that appropriate planning, and sufficient human and financial resources are made available to Public Health and Public Safety official when they are charged with implementing COVID-19 measures.


“The recent experiences of New Brunswickers trying their best to follow the new travel restrictions highlight the need for better planning and enough funding and boots on the ground to launch initiatives such as the Red Cross Hotel Isolation program,” said Roger Melanson “We have received a significant number of calls from New Brunswickers trying to get home or get their family members home who have been frustrated by long waits and a lack of coordinated information.  These folks are doing what they have been asked to do in order to comply but are ending up confused and worried. This is a difficult time for many New Brunswickers but we are hopeful that these new rules will only apply for a short period of time.”


Last Friday, government announced strict new isolation requirements for anyone returning to the province from leisure travel, as well as students, individuals moving to New Brunswick and business travellers. These travellers are required to self-isolate for at least seven days in a designated isolation hotel at their own expense except for students. Hotel bookings are to be made through the Canadian Red Cross.


“Given the arrival of variants of interest in the province and the incredible and rapid increase in the number of COVID cases in Nova Scotia and other provinces, we can understand the need for further restrictions on travel to allow more New Brunswickers to get vaccinated – it’s about saving lives,” continued Melanson. “We certainly appreciate the efforts that public servants are making to keep us all safe. What we can’t understand is why the execution of initiatives to ensure compliance has been so disorganized.”