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New Brunswick Liberals suggest ideas to address healthcare problems

September 15, 2022News

The New Brunswick Liberal Caucus is releasing a document containing a series of recommendations and ideas that can be taken to improve the state of healthcare in the province.


“Health care is the issue the New Brunswickers are most concerned about” says Liberal Leader Susan Holt. “I’ve committed to doing politics differently, so instead of pointing fingers and attacking the leadership, caucus and I are offering tangible, non-partisan ideas for immediate action to better support patients and healthcare professionals.”


Over the course of the past six weeks, the Liberal Leader has met with many healthcare groups, associations, and unions who have provided valuable insight on what changes can be made to improve the system.


“We have already been meeting with health worker unions and professional groups and will continue to do so in the coming months and years. It is only by consulting with the people working in healthcare that we will find solutions to the issues plaguing the system” says the Liberal Leader. “Our goal is to be constructive in the pursuit of improving New Brunswick’s Healthcare system by working with the experts and echoing their suggestions to the Higgs Government.”


The document available here contains a series of ideas divided into six categories: Emergency Measures, Retain with Respect, Send a Signal, Kickstart the Training Plan, Call for backup, and All Aboard!