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NB Liberals nominate Dr. John Dornan in Saint John Portland-Simonds

May 13, 2024News

May 8th 2024 (Saint John) – Liberals gathered in the riding of Saint John Portland – Simonds to nominate Dr. John Dornan as their candidate for the next provincial election.


As the event began, surrounded by a crowd of more than 100 including Liberal candidates and local supporters, Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick Susan Holt said “Right now, we have a Premier who prioritizes the bankers in New York rather than the people of New Brunswick. We need to be able to balance budgets, while also investing for the future. A Holt government will do exactly that.”


Saint John Portland – Simonds is the sixteenth riding where the Liberal Party is holding a nominating convention leading up to the next provincial election.


Dr. John Dornan has practiced medicine in New Brunswick since 1987 and has served in multiple leadership and educational activities since. A lifelong learner and educator, Dr. Dornan has taught students from the start of medical school to the completion of residencies in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. He was a principle in the establishment of Dalhousie University’s first satellite Royal College residency. As a passionate supporter of collaborative primary care, and healthcare homes, as well as respectful, fruitful, and safe environments for nurses and teachers, he is excited to be a part of the path forward to serve New Brunswickers.


When addressing the crowd, Dornan said, “I’m thrilled to be chosen as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Saint John Portland – Simonds. I’m looking forward to this campaign. In the words of our children: bring it on! The Liberal team that Susan Holt leads deserves to have many more MLAs supporting her in the Legislature, and I want to be one of them.”


In closing the event, Holt said, “New Brunswick is a fascinating province. We have an amazing diversity of people. One person in one office can’t run a province as diverse and unique as NB. We need to empower our MLAs to work for you. We have a team that represents the healthcare space, education space, arts and culture, technology, and local government. We need that local voice. That’s why I am excited to add Dr Dornan to our team.”