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Liberals will eliminate the provincial share of interest rates on student loans

September 1, 2020News

Moncton (September 1, 2020) – Affordability and accessibility are factors for people pursuing a post-secondary education, and changes to tuition programs by the Higgs government have made colleges and universities less affordable for average New Brunswickers. To address this, a Liberal government will eliminate the provincial share of interest rates on student loans for New Brunswickers living in New Brunswick.


This new measure is designed to increase post-secondary accessibility for current and future students but will also have a positive impact on borrowers who are still paying off their student loans.


“We believe that getting a post-secondary education should open doors, not make life more difficult. Instead of worrying about growing debts, our graduates should focus on building their life, here in New Brunswick.”


“At the moment, low to middle class income students and their families are paying more for their education than those who can pay without taking out loans. The elimination of the provincial share of interest rates on students’ loans will put more money in their pockets, money they can use as they move on from university and college. That money instead will be invested right here in New Brunswick.


“Many industries are struggling to recruit skilled workers in the province. Yet, we see some of our best students leave New Brunswick for other opportunities. We also see students and their families deterred by the cost of education, including the cost of interest on student loans. By investing in those students and giving them the little boost they need, we can encourage more people to pursue post-secondary education and ensure they stay home, therefore boosting our economy and helping our industries”, said Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers.


Education is a priority for many New Brunswickers. A Liberal government will work towards making post-secondary education more affordable and accessible to all.



Ashley Beaudin

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