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Liberals demand the Higgs government shut down Coastal Shells

June 12, 2024News

Fredericton, NB (June 12, 2024) –  The Official Opposition is demanding the Higgs government take action to stop the stink produced by the Coastal Shells factory in Richibucto, NB. The factory has been producing an extreme odor affecting the region’s air quality that has caused schools to close down, neighbours to be confined to their homes, and is having a serious impact on the health of some residents.


“Enough is enough. Schools, students, and the community are suffering due to the lack of action from the Higgs government in dealing with the problems caused by Coastal Shell Products,” said Susan Holt, Leader of the Official Opposition. “The people of Richibucto deserve a permanent solution.”


A recent story shared through social media depicted a mother of two young children with asthma who are now having major health issues likely linked to the continuous smell from the factory. One local school, École Soleil-Levant, has had to contact parents to let them know that they have developed a contingency plan to deal with the potential further impact the smell could have on its students.


“It’s unconscionable for these children, this mother, and all the students and staff at École Soleil-Levant. The Higgs government shut down this factory for just a few days and then let them open again with no changes; it’s time for real action,” said Gilles LePage, critic for Environment. “We demand the government finally shut down Coastal Shells for good.”