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Liberal Party to increase DAAF project budget

August 21, 2020News

Drummond (August 20, 2020) – Agriculture is a vital sector in the province and one that has proven to be more essential than ever as food security becomes a growing concern.


To foster growth in the Agriculture industry, a Liberal government would immediately increase the budget of the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries by $5 million to go directly to cost share programs for our valued producers.


“We see the potential for growth in Agriculture, and our farmers are up for the challenge,” says the Liberal Leader. “Investing in these cost share programs will allow local producers to expand their businesses and will benefit all of New Brunswick.”


A liberal government would also provide for land buyback with leasing arrangements to assist farmers with cashflow issues to help them through difficult times and allow them to recapitalize.


“Agriculture is arguably one of the most important sectors in our province, now more than ever,” says Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers. “We need to help our farmers survive the rough seasons in order to recuperate, recapitalize and continue providing food for New Brunswickers.”


While the importance of local food production was highlighted earlier this year during the lockdown, growing our agriculture sector will bring many benefits far after Covid-19.


“Now is the time to focus on growing our agriculture sector in New Brunswick,” says Kevin Vickers. “We need to boost our local food production to ensure food security for New Brunswickers, and if we invest strategically, we can grow our supply chain and increase our export opportunities in the future.”



Ashley Beaudin

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