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Liberal Party proposes 6 focus areas and action items to address the Housing Crisis

May 15, 2023News

Fredericton (May 15, 2023) – The New Brunswick Liberal Caucus is taking a step forward in demonstrating their commitment to housing by releasing a new report that outlines actionable items to remove barriers and energize the housing sector. Susan Holt, the Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party alongside Liberal MLAs has spent the last several months touring the province meeting with renters, non-profits, home buyers, landlords, developers, and local governments to understand each of their unique needs to develop these ideas.


“New Brunswickers have made it clear not enough is being done to deliver affordable, accessible, and supportive housing in the province. Today, we’re excited to show our commitment to New Brunswickers in sharing our action plan,” says Liberal Leader, Susan Holt. “The action items we’re putting forward are inspired and shaped by folks across the province, and we’re optimistic that by bringing everyone to the table — government, developers, non-profits, and New Brunswickers — we can ensure everyone has a place to call home.”


The Liberal Party’s recommended actions span 6 focus areas:

  1. Establishing a rental cap
  2. Regionalizing New Brunswick’s Residential Tenancies Tribunal
  3. Empowering municipalities and incentivizing development
  4. Leveraging not-for-profit housing and housing co-operatives
  5. Removing barriers to modular housing solutions
  6. Refreshing skilled trades education


Within these 6 focus areas, there are 25 action items directed at the government.


“Our province is changing and diversifying but our housing sector is not changing with it. We need to start re-imagining and building housing developments now so that we can be a leader well into the future,” says Liberal Housing expert, Benoît Bourque. “We’ve compiled these ideas in collaboration with New Brunswickers so that we can start taking action now and continue planning developments for the future.”


The document available here.