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Higgs Government’s actions hurting quality of life in New Brunswick

November 25, 2022News

The Liberal Opposition is expressing concern over the Higgs Government’s recent actions and decisions that are impacting the quality of life in New Brunswick.


“We hear it everywhere we go; New Brunswickers are crying out for support, stability, and respect. Yet, if you listen to the Higgs Government’s statements in the Legislative Assembly, things have never been better! This is a concerning disconnect from reality and shows how out of touch this government is with the real needs of New Brunswickers’” says Rob McKee, Leader of the Official Opposition. “New Brunsiwcker’s quality of life keeps taking a beating, while this government takes victory laps, bragging about their surplus. They aren’t listening to the people.”


Yesterday as part of Opposition Day, two Liberal motions were debated: one on maintaining the rent cap, and one on improving the delivery of healthcare services in New Brunswick. Just hours before the debate, the Higgs Government announced the rent cap would not be extended.  “We have heard it loud and clear, tenants need a rent cap. Why isn’t this government listening? Why have they abandoned New Brunswick renters?” questions Rob McKee.


The trend continues on healthcare, with McKee adding “We brought in a series of constructive suggestions to improve the healthcare system and ensure that New Brunswickers get the stable, accessible, quality healthcare services they deserve.”  The suggestions came from the Series of ideas to stem the bleeding in healthcare released by the Liberal Party in September.


“These ideas came from consultation with healthcare experts and were intended to be a constructive approach to addressing healthcare, but this Government isn’t listening,” says Susan Holt, Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party. “Quality of life in New Brunswick is dropping because we don’t have reliable healthcare, we don’t have a stable education system, and we don’t have affordable housing. We don’t have a government that is working to improve the lives of New Brunswickers, we have a government that is focused on hoarding money to no one’s benefit.”