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Government must update New Brunswickers on the state of healthcare

December 6, 2022News

The Official Opposition is calling on the Higgs Government to hold a public update on the state of healthcare in New Brunswick.


“Right now everyone has friends, family members or colleagues who are uncommonly sick and we all know our hospital system isn’t in a position to serve them” says Rob McKee, Leader of the Official Opposition and Critic for Health. “People need to hear directly from the Government about what is being done to support the healthcare system and sick New Brunswickers right now.”


As the Holiday season approaches, the Liberal Opposition believes it’s important for Government and Public Health to release any data they have on the spread of respiratory illnesses in New Brunswick.


“We are weeks away from family gatherings and all the festivities, so what can we do to protect our families while still being able to celebrate? We need transparent, open data on the different viruses going around so that we can make the best decisions possible for our families” says Susan Holt, Leader of the Liberal Party. “The Government and Public Health need to show some leadership right now by speaking directly to New Brunswickers through a public, livestreamed press conference followed by questions from the media”


The Liberal Leader also highlights the impact on New Brunswick’s healthcare and education systems. “This is not just about the number of viruses spreading, it’s about the sheer number of people and children who are sick. We’re seeing far too many kids and teachers out sick falling further behind in school and far too many front-line workers sick increasing pressures on our already short-staffed hospitals. People aren’t feeling very merry and bright about what the new year will bring for our province.”