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Will the State of the Province Address reflect New Brunswickers reality?

February 8, 2023News

The Liberal Party is sharing its expectations for the 2023 State of the Province Address (SOTP) as New Brunswick is facing serious challenges in terms of healthcare, housing, education, cost of living and more.


“New Brunswickers are struggling right now, and it would be an insult to the population for the Premier to say everything is going great. In the interest of openness and transparency, I hope the Premier delivers a realistic speech that addresses the challenges we’re facing and doesn’t just highlight what the government considers its successes” says Liberal Leader Susan Holt. “People need a real update: the good, the bad and the ugly. New Brunswickers deserve a real progress report on access to primary care and health care wait times. We need forward thinking on clean energy development, and genuine reconciliation with First Nations.”


With so many high priority issues to be discussed tomorrow evening, the Liberal Party is hoping to hear some strategies that could improve the lives of New Brunswickers.


“We want to hear the Premier acknowledge the high cost of living, recognize the struggles people are facing to make ends meet, and offer some form of relief. We want to know what he decided about the future of French Immersion and how he is going to properly resource the education system. We want to see immediate plans to address housing and homelessness, people need accessible and affordable housing now” says Susan Holt, Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party. “Hopefully, if the Premier understands how dire the situation is in our hospital system, we’ll hear that the government is expanding and accelerating the development of multi-disciplinary care centers.”


“Dismissive and adversarial attitudes, paired with a lack of consultation and non-data-based decision making creates nothing but conflict and distrust. New Brunswickers no longer trust in this Government’s ability to care for them. People need an honest dialogue about the challenges in our province and leadership to drive us forward.”