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Why won’t Premier Higgs support rural New Brunswick through Maritime Bus?

January 12, 2021News

The Liberal Opposition is urging the Higgs government to reconsider his position on provide financial aid to Maritime Bus.


“It’s not too late for the Premier to change his mind and join the Nova Scotia and PEI in supporting this important service,” says Daniel Guitard, the Official Opposition critic for transportation and infrastructure. “In a few days, communities in the northern part of the province could lose the last method of public transportation available to them, and the larger cities will see their services reduced. People will suffer if the Premier does not change his mind.”


Since Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island have both stepped up to support the service, New Brunswick is the only province that has seen its services reduced.


“What is wrong with Premier Higgs? His attitude towards this issue is baffling, especially when it would be so simple for him to solve. All he needs to do is provide a small amount financial aid in order to protect the public transportation services New Brunswickers depend on,” says Interim leader of the Official Opposition, Roger Melanson. “The Higgs government has a responsibility here but is abdicating that responsibility by putting pressure on the municipal governments to use their Covid-19 funds to maintain the bus services in the province. This is deplorable.”


Since the Province has until now refused to provide any form of financial aid to Maritime Bus, cities and towns have taken it upon themselves to try and save the service.


“Maritime Bus is an interprovincial service; it should not be up to the municipalities alone to save a service of this nature, but they are stepping in because the people in their communities need it. I wish the Premier had a similar attitude,” Says Melanson. “Overall, New Brunswick has handled the pandemic well. Public Health has kept us safe, the Federal government has supported businesses and individuals, and now the Municipalities are stepping in to hopefully save a vital transportation service. What has the Premier done? Nothing.”