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The Liberal Party supports the First Nations call for continued dialogue

January 15, 2023News

The Liberal Opposition is very concerned by the Higgs Government’s actions with respect to revenue-sharing agreements with First Nations, and we want to collectively voice our support for the communities’ position. Sadly, the Premier’s confrontational, my-way-or-the-highway approach to First Nations is consistent with how his Ministers have handled other critical issues including union negotiations, health care, and municipal reform.


Mishandling this significant relationship with First Nations shows a lack of leadership, and demonstrates an unwillingness to understand the law and rights-based realities in Canada and quite frankly it’s an embarrassment to our province.


New Brunswickers value the cultural, social, and economic relationships that have been built over the years; the Higgs Government’s inability to build a respectful relationship with First Nations is setting us back a generation in our pursuit of meaningful reconciliation.


The Liberal Opposition supports the First Nations call for continued negotiation and urges Premier Higgs and Minister Dunn to reverse the cancellation of the agreements, return to the table with respect for First Nations’ right to self-determination, and come to an agreement that everyone can support.”


Susan Holt

Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party