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Marco LeBlanc



Marco LeBlanc is an energetic, strategic, and community-focused leader with almost ten years of experience in government at both the provincial and federal levels. As a proud Acadian born and raised in Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick, Marco has a big heart and a deep commitment to serving others, which has been the driving force behind his civic engagement from a young age.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Université de Moncton, Marco has always had a passion for leadership and supporting others in finding the best solutions. During his time as a student, he co-founded Éveil PME and the Club Entrepreneur Étudiant, served as the Marketing Vice-President of the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, acted as an Ambassador of the Pond Deshpande Center, and participated in the Top Talent competition by the Wallace McCain Institute.

Throughout his professional career, Marco has gained extensive political experience at both the provincial and federal levels. He has held progressive roles in the Government Members Office, where he served as a Research and Communications Officer and Senior Engagement Strategist. During this time, he was the staff lead for the Select Committee on Climate Change, built relationships with key stakeholders to support the Liberal caucus, and wrote statements and speeches for government members.

Marco also served as the Executive Assistant to the Minister of Labour, Employment and Population Growth, and subsequently the Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. In this role, he provided multifaceted advice and support to the Minister on key matters including constituent, regional, and organizational files. As the Executive Assistant to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Marco provided advice on procedures, key decisions, and communications in the Legislative Assembly and acted as a key liaison between the Speaker and the Official Opposition caucus.

In his role as the Atlantic Advisor for the Liberal Research Bureau, Marco played a liaison role between the minister’s office and the Members of Parliament in Atlantic Canada, allowing him to build many multisectoral relationships. Most recently, he served as the Director of Community and Economic Development for the Member of Parliament, Serge Cormier, gaining a deep understanding of the key projects and dynamics in the Restigouche-Chaleur region and mobilizing crucial projects that have greatly helped the region.

Always ready to mobilize his skills and experience to help, Marco has worked on over 10 election campaigns, spanning from Ontario to Newfoundland. Through dedicating a significant portion of his time to supporting local candidates and campaigns, Marco has gained a deep understanding of the democratic process, which has fueled his passion for civic engagement. He has equally developed a unique perspective on the political landscape in Canada, recognizing the challenges and opportunities that exist in each region and is keenly aware of the issues that matter most to voters.

Beyond politics, Marco is passionate about numerous causes, including Education, Tourism, Sustainable and Greener economies, and Immigration, among others. When he is not busy with politics, Marco sits on the community board for the Festival des rameurs, travels to new local or international communities, reads, builds new inventions with wood, plays guitar, and spends time with his fiancé Arianne and dog companion, Guacamole.

Marco’s personal and extensive professional experiences in provincial and federal politics have equipped him with a good understanding of the challenges facing the Restigouche-Chaleur region and the province of New Brunswick. His visionary ideas will be mobilized toward the enormous potential and growth of the region, driven by his unwavering commitment to creating a better future for his community and province.