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Statement by Kevin Vickers on the decision to get rid of French Immersion

January 8, 2020News

“We unequivocally oppose the decision to get rid of French immersion. The best way to teach a child a second language is through immersion. Blaine Higgs did not campaign on this and with 32 per cent of the vote and a minority status in the legislature he certainly doesn’t have the mandate to make such a monumental change to the education system.


The fact he’s been in secret discussions with the People’s Alliance to proceed with this for the past year is equally appalling. No other party was consulted, people weren’t consulted, educators, who are sick and tired of this type of change were not consulted. It would be wrong to not offer French immersion in Canada’s only bilingual province. Kris Austin has no respect for our status as a bilingual province, nor does he have any expertise in education.


This is politics at its worst. If Premier Higgs wants to endorse the People’s Alliance agenda, he can say so publicly and campaign on it in the next election.”


Kevin Vickers

Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party