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Statement by Isabelle Thériault on the opening date of the fishing season

April 9, 2020News

“The federal government announced today that the crab fishing season will open on April 24, 2020, despite requests from several Atlantic fishing associations that the season be delayed until May 1, 2020.


Announcing the opening of the fishing season is one thing, but will seafood processing plants have time to comply with the new public health requirements? These plants are made up of hundreds of workers in very confined spaces, often shoulder to shoulder.


Minister Ross Wetmore, who is responsible for the fishery at the provincial level and therefore for processing plants, has clearly indicated that plants can open and maintain their operations as long as they meet public health requirements. But will he provide the necessary support to plants that want to meet the standards?


We are in an unprecedented situation and the health and safety of people must remain the priority!”


Isabelle Thériault

MLA for Caraquet