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Saint John deserves better

August 20, 2019News

The following statement was issued today by Kevin Vickers, Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, following the Saint John Common Council’s tacit approval of the revised report: Sustaining Saint John: A Three-Part Plan:


“As Liberal leader, I am profoundly disappointed to read this morning’s news on the latest deal between the Higgs government and the City of Saint John. This deal falls woefully short in delivering real change for the City to address its significant challenges without making severe and damaging cuts that will hinder residents’ quality of life and the City’s ability to grow its economy.


This was a time to work together to address the City’s structural challenges. It is unacceptable that the Province’s negotiating tactics have been described by the Mayor of Saint John as the “ugliest of politics…guns at our heads.”


Saint John’s citizens will be disappointed that their Conservative MLAs, including three cabinet ministers, have failed to stand up for their city. They stood by as Minister Carr used adversarial politics referring to Councilors as “sour grapes.”


$12 million in cuts will result in significant job losses in Saint John, and a serious reduction in city services for residents. Saint John deserves better representation at the provincial level. I am ready to make that happen.”


Kevin Vickers

New Brunswick Liberal Party