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Official Opposition releases report back from Roundtables series

January 17, 2024News

Fredericton (January 17, 2024) – The Official Opposition is releasing its report after a series of six roundtables hosted across the province late last year. The report highlights the challenges and recommendations that emerged from discussions with subject matter experts, field workers and representative organizations.


“Listening to New Brunswickers and the people who work in these sectors every day is integral to our work as a constructive opposition,” says Susan Holt, Leader of the Official Opposition. “The roundtables allowed us to hear the complex challenges within Education, Housing, Energy, Healthcare, Economic Development and Environment firsthand. I believe we gained a deeper understanding of what the overarching issues are, and in looking to the future, discussed and collected an extensive list of recommendations that will not only improve the sector but also make New Brunswick a leader.”


A copy of the report has been shared with all relevant Ministers inviting them to meet and discuss what we heard, the recommendations, and how we can work together to address these issues. The information in this report will also be used to inform the Spring legislative session and Opposition motions.


“We’re proud to present this final report for everyone to read and advocate for the implementation of the recommendations,” says Susan Holt. “But more importantly, this is about our approach as an opposition and as a future government. We listen to people on the frontlines and all over the province, we report back, and we act. It is important that we are transparent in our actions and our conversations and that we continue to build on these relationships and this work.”


The document available here.