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Official Opposition to Host Series of Roundtables on Priority Issues

July 18, 2023News

Fredericton (July 18, 2023) – The Official Opposition is hosting a series of six roundtables across the province to discuss the top issues identified by New Brunswickers. The roundtables will invite subject matter experts, field workers and representative organizations to discuss current issues in the sector and explore solutions. The information gathered at these roundtables will be used to inform the Official Opposition Legislative agenda for the fall.


“Listening to the people who work on the ground every day and subject matter experts is integral to our work as the Official Opposition,” says Susan Holt, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Education, Housing, Affordable Energy, Health, Economic Development and Environment are just a few of the biggest issues challenging New Brunswickers right now. As a constructive Opposition, we are turning to New Brunswickers for informed solutions in the fall.”


A full report on the findings from each of the roundtables will be published in September. The Official Opposition intends to host the following six roundtables between now and September, with the first one taking place on July 19 in Fredericton. The subsequent sessions will take place in communities around New Brunswick, ensuring that feedback is gathered from diverse stakeholders with unique experiences and perspectives:


  1. Education
  2. Housing
  3. Affordable Energy
  4. Health
  5. Economic Development
  6. Environment


“Stakeholder collaboration leads to good, inclusive policy that people can see themselves in. People are feeling left out of their democracy, this is just one way that we are trying to close that gap,” says Caucus Chair, Chuck Chiasson. “As a caucus we will be complementing the work of these roundtables by turning to our own communities to understand the impact of government policies. We are listening, we care deeply, we are working hard for you – we’re ready.”