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Official Opposition Leader condemns Premier Higgs on Labour relations

November 5, 2021News

This situation is pure chaos. There are over 20 thousand workers currently on strike, there were thousands of workers rallied outside the Legislature this week, and there’s likely more strikes to come.


The Premier is not being honest with New Brunswickers, it’s shameful! In the Legislative Assembly this morning, the Premier answered my questions on the status of negotiations by saying a deal had been made, but we soon learned that this was not true. Government proposed an offer, then received a counteroffer to which they never responded. How is that a deal? How is that a path forward?


Enough with the heavy-handed approach! Enough with misleading the population by saying there is a deal when there isn’t one just to fit the Premier’s narrative! The Emergency Measures Act is not there for the Premier to abuse of the powers it gives his government. This is wrong, and they know it. 


Clearly, this government is trying to use the pandemic against frontline workers. In light of this, I have decided to no longer take part in the All-Party Covid-19 Committee.


It’s time for this to be resolved. The Premier must put aside his ego, stop obsessing over the pensions and come to an agreement of fair and competitive wages.”


Roger Melanson

Leader of the Official Opposition