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Official Opposition calls on Natural Resources Minister to respond to Maple Syrup Industry

January 20, 2022News

The New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association, for some time now, has been asking the Higgs government for access to an additional 12,000 hectares of Crown Land in order to allow the maple syrup industry to grow and respond to increased consumer demand for their products.  Last year represented a record production year for the industry propelling New Brunswick to the spot of third largest producer of maple syrup in the world.


“The maple syrup industry is an important contributor to the New Brunswick economy and like other industries relying on access to Crown Land, it deserves to hear what strategic initiatives the Higgs government will include in its long-awaited forestry plan to ensure the long-term success of maple syrup production,” said Jacques LeBlanc, Official Opposition Critic for Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries.

“In 2015 the Liberal government supported the industry by increasing access by 4000 hectares — at a minimum Minister Holland should respond to maple syrup producers and acknowledge the significant potential for sustainable growth and more jobs in the industry.”


The Official Opposition joins the Association in calling on the Higgs government to re-establish a strong working relationship with the industry.


“Unfortunately, this government’s track record in consulting with stakeholders is quite dismal,” added LeBlanc. “Here is an industry that counts over 250 sugaries across the province producing 10 million pounds of product and employing 2500 people that can’t get the attention of the Higgs government without having to resort to public demonstrations.  It’s quite shameful; Minister Holland needs to meet with industry representatives immediately.”