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No rural hospitals will be closed, and no emergency room services will be eliminated

August 25, 2020News

Sussex (August 25) – In order to not put lives at risk, A Liberal government will direct health authorities that no rural hospitals will be closed, and no emergency room services will be eliminated.


Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers said the Higgs government plan to reduce emergency hours at hospitals around the province created well-founded anxiety for those losing access to these emergency rooms.


“Blaine Higgs believed very much in the plan to close emergency rooms and you can be certain this plan will be revived if he is given a second chance,” Vickers said. “The reason he called an election that was neither needed nor wanted in the middle of a pandemic is because he wants the full authority to implement unpopular and unnecessary policies like this one.


“Our health care system should make New Brunswickers feel more safe, not less safe. That’s why a Liberal government will make it clear to the health authorities, we’re not closing hospitals or eliminating emergency room services. That definitely will not be part of the plan.”


Vickers said New Brunswickers should be very leery of what will happen to health care under a conservative government led by Higgs.


“I think it won’t just be emergency rooms, there will be other cuts as well,” Vickers said. “Let’s not forget that the emergency rooms were just part of phase one of the Higgs plan to cut health care. There was a phase two he never revealed to New Brunswickers. Maybe other phases after that.


“We need to work together with our communities on things like accessibility to health care. And we need to listen to our health care professionals and our communities before we make decisions. Blaine Higgs wants you to think his plan has gone away, but it hasn’t.”


Vickers said a Liberal government will focus on improving health services, not cutting them as the Higgs government would do.


“We’ll look at things like expanding digital health services, developing a long term, achievable plan to address our human resources needs in health care and things like wellness. And we’ll work together with our communities and medical professionals and experts to bring about positive change that is sustainable.”



Ashley Beaudin

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