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New Brunswickers deserve answers on the Mysterious neurological disease

October 25, 2021News

A recent story in the independent Canadian news journal, The Walrus has raised very serious questions around the conduct of the Higgs government with respect to the investigation into the Mysterious neurological disease that has claimed the lives of New Brunswickers.


The specific allegations which are extremely disturbing are that the New Brunswick government has actively interfered with the national working group of epidemiological investigators assembled to investigate the disease and its origins in an unexplainable attempt to shut down their efforts.


Liberal Health critic JC D’Amours is demanding answers. “We should be using every available investigative resource in the quest to identify what is causing this disease and what measures we can take to combat it”, said D’Amours. “Now we find out that our own government is trying to stop this group of nationally recognized researchers from pursing their research. This is insanity. There can be no possible explanation for the nefarious actions of this government”.


D’Amours referenced the allegations in the article which indicates that federal scientists have been asked to “stand down” are being “muzzled” at the request of the province.


“The Minister of Health owes the families of loved ones afflicted with the mysterious neurological disease and explanation. Why would we replace a group of experts with specific expertise in epidemiology with people who do not have the same level of medical expertise? It is mind boggling!”


The health critic also raises the question as to why the province has hidden this information from the public. “Minister Shephard needs to come clean to New Brunswickers. Why is the government deliberately diluting the effort to get to the bottom of this serious health threat? Why is she covering up this government’s actions? What is she hiding?