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NB Liberals nominate John Herron in Hampton-Fundy-St Martins

May 13, 2024News

May 11th, 2024 (Hampton-Fundy-St Martins) – Liberals gathered in the riding of Hampton-Fundy-St Martins today to nominate John Herron as their candidate for the next provincial election.


As the event began, surrounded by local supporters, caucus members, and nominated candidates, Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick Susan Holt said “The Higgs’ government only cares about the bottom line while New Brunswickers’ debt is growing. Balance is missing. We can balance a budget and reduce the debt while at the same time making smart investments in the future.”


Hampton-Fundy-St Martins is the seventeenth riding where the Liberal Party is holding a nominating convention leading up to the next provincial election.


John is a passionate New Brunswicker with a demonstrated commitment to public service. John is the current President & CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council. Over his career, John has held leadership roles in the energy sector, regulatory affairs, and public policy development. From 1997-2004, John served as a Member of Parliament, representing the constituency of Fundy Royal which included every region of the new Provincial riding of Hampton-Fundy-St. Martins. John is a long-time resident of Bloomfield, Kings County, with his wife Heather Libbey, and son Patrick and daughter Rosemary.


When addressing the crowd, Herron said, “We are here together today united in common cause representing all the communities of this beautiful part of New Brunswick and diverse riding of Hampton-Fundy-St. Martins, because we share a common belief in what this riding is and a common vision of what its future could be. Throughout the province, Susan Holt’s team is offering and building solutions to address affordability, housing, innovative solutions for health care through collaborative medicine, and an understanding of the need for our businesses to be prosperous, that our private sector needs to be successful to pay for our collective social progress. Susan has built a team that is poised to provide that credible drama-free management of the province’s affairs that we deserve.”


In closing the event, Holt said “New Brunswickers deserve better than one person trying to do it all. That’s why it has been important to me to recruit people that know and care for their communities, deeply. We are building a team of experts across many fields: the arts, culture, education, technology, energy, local governance, health care, economic development, and more, we are growing the team. I’m thrilled to have John join us with his extensive background and experience, he has demonstrated his ability to bring people together to cooperate and collaborate, this is exactly how a Holt government will lead New Brunswick: cooperatively and collaboratively. This isn’t a time to be red, blue, orange, or green. We need to change this riding, we need to get John Herron elected and we need to change this government.”