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susan holt + connie larson

NB Liberals nominate Connie Larson in Arcadia-Butternut Valley-Maple Hills

June 19, 2024News

June 18, 2024 (Arcadia-Butternut Valley-Maple Hills) – Liberals gathered in the riding of Arcadia-Butternut Valley-Maple Hills this evening to nominate Connie Larson as their candidate for the next provincial election.

Arcadia-Butternut Valley-Maple Hills is the twenty-first riding where the Liberal Party is holding a nominating convention leading up to the next provincial election.

Connie Larson has a long history of service through roles in a variety of industries, including agriculture and forestry, housing, and financial management. Her rural business experience and commitment to community development will be critical as she vies to become the representative for the people of Arcadia-Butternut Valley-Maple Hills. A current resident of Cambridge Narrows, Larson is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and published author.

When addressing the crowd, Larson said, “Our mighty rural area has small businesses successfully competing with large corporations. We have vibrant timberland, farmland, and waterways that connect us. I am committed to improving our rural roads and to ensuring programs for youth, families, and seniors to stay and thrive in our communities.”

In closing the event, Liberal Party leader Susan Holt said, “I’m thrilled to be welcoming Connie to our team of dynamic, community-minded candidates. Her diverse background and first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing our rural communities will be an asset to our team. As we have seen, one person in one office in Fredericton cannot govern this province effectively, a Holt led team of passionate representatives will ensure the voices and concerns from all areas of the province are heard.”