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NB Liberals nominate City Councillor David Hickey in Saint John Harbour

October 12, 2023News

SAINT JOHN (October 12, 2023) – Liberals gathered in the riding of Saint John Harbour last night to nominate their first official candidate for the next provincial election. 


In front of a crowd of over two hundred in the Port City, Leader Susan Holt stressed that as New Brunswickers are facing challenges like finding a family doctor or a daycare space, it’s clear that the province needs new leadership. 


Saint John Harbour is the first riding where the Liberal Party is holding a nomination contest leading up to the next election. Two candidates were vying to carry the Liberal banner: Saint John Councillor David Hickey and Ryan Moore, a business person and financial advisor from Uptown Saint John. 


Councillor Hickey was declared the winner once all the votes were counted. When addressing the crowd, the well-known advocate for Saint John remarked “New Brunswickers are looking for a government that is stable and trustworthy. “It’s time to get on board with a plan for government that takes decision-making out of Fredericton.” 


Following the win, Hickey went on to say “whether the election is called next week or next year, Saint John Harbour will be a foothold for Liberal red ridings all over southern New Brunswick.”


Hickey thanked Moore for the race and said he looked forward to working together for the riding. The New Brunswick Liberal Party will continue to hold nominations to name candidates over the coming weeks. 


Holt said she was thrilled by the turnout and excited to welcome Hickey to the Liberal team. “Blaine Higgs needs to be replaced,” she said. “New Brunswick deserves to be governed by a team of people who will listen to them.”