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Ministers should not undermine public entities

April 9, 2021News

“Government Ministers have a certain responsibility as community leaders. Other than the Premier, Ministers are arguably some of the most influential people in New Brunswick and their words carry a lot of weight, whether it be in the Legislative Assembly, in interviews, or on social media.


Since being appointed in 2018, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development has repeatedly made unwarranted, reckless and self-serving comments that undermine various public entities and could erode public trust in government organisations. We have, on many occasions, urged the Premier to show leadership and demand better decorum from his Ministers.


In a recent media report, Minister Cardy is openly criticizing the role and functioning of District Education Councils (DEC), indicating the future of these boards is very uncertain. The timing of these comments is questionable to say the least since the elections to choose the members of the DECs are scheduled for early May. These comments will only discourage people from running for their local education council.


Minister Cardy has also publicly questioned the objectivity of the Auditor General when she found a lack of evidence to support the building of a new school in Hanwell, and he has publicly attacked individuals on social media who do not share his views.


Publicly undermining government entities is a slippery slope as is evidenced by the recent demotion of others in the Higgs cabinet.”


Benoît Bourque

Official Opposition critic for Education and Early Childhood Development