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Minister Shephard must release the latest report on the Mystery Neurological Illness

February 3, 2022News

The Official Opposition critic for Health, Jean-Claude D’Amours, is calling on the Minister of Health to release the report following clinical review of the patients identified as part of the mystery neurological illness cluster.


“Last year the Minister of Health said there would be a report following a clinical review of the cluster of patients identified as potentially having the mystery neurological illness. This was supposed to have been released in January of 2022, we are approaching the end of the first week of February with no update from Government, this is unacceptable!


From the moment this potential neurological illness was made public through a leaked memo, the Higgs Government has been secretive and shown a serious lack of transparency on this issue. Why are they not allowing national experts to participate in this investigation? The patients and their families are left without answers or guidance. People are losing faith in Government’s ability to get to the bottom of this very serious issue.


I urge the Minister of Health to immediately release the report following the clinical review of the patients identified as part of this cluster and announce what next steps the province will be taking in this investigation. It’s time the Higgs Government treat this issue with the seriousness it warrants.”


Jean-Claude D’Amours

Official Opposition critic for Health.