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Liberals will continue to protect the environment and fight climate change

August 30, 2018News

A re-elected Liberal Government will continue to protect the environment through the implementation of its climate change plan. Unlike the Conservatives, the Liberal plan ensures no impact on New Brunswick consumers.



“We have a responsibility to put in place a policy to combat climate change that is good for New Brunswick’s economy and our environment. The federal backstop is not the right policy for New Brunswick consumers” said Gallant. “That is why a re-elected Liberal government will fight to make sure that the plan, which ensures consumers do not pay a cent more, is approved” Gallant added. “We are the only party with a plan to avoid new costs for consumers. In comparison, Blaine Higgs and the Conservatives have no plan to put a price on carbon pollution, which means the federal backstop will be imposed on New Brunswickers.”


The Liberals emphasized that their plan meets the requirements laid out by the federal government and that it will be approved by Ottawa.  However, no matter who forms the government in New Brunswick, if the federal backstop ends up being imposed, the federal government has made it clear to provinces that their residents would receive rebate cheques from the federal government.


In 2016, following an extensive multi-partisan public consultation process, the Gallant Government introduced a climate change plan with over 100 action items which take significant steps to protect the environment without adding any new costs for consumers. This includes the introduction of the Climate Change Act; investments in energy efficiency in hospitals, schools, and homes; the development of plans to phase out coal in New Brunswick; the establishment of a made-in-New Brunswick price on carbon that places consumers ahead of big industry; the establishment of a Climate Change Fund; climate change adaptation planning; and investments in new technologies that reduce pollution, such as smart grid and renewable electricity. Additionally, the Gallant government will submit today to the federal government its full climate plan and rationale.


A re-elected Liberal Government would continue to take steps to ensure that New Brunswick embraces the clean technologies and green jobs of tomorrow while helping New Brunswick households to become more energy efficient. We have an obligation to future generations to reduce pollution. The absence of any clean energy plan from Blaine Higgs and the Conservatives would make it certain that New Brunswick, under a Higgs Government, would miss out on these opportunities to build a greener future and would fail to meet our obligation to our children and grandchildren to combat climate change.


A re-elected Liberal government will also ensure a power rate freeze for residential and small business customers.