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Liberals will work with partners to develop three economic superclusters

September 10, 2018News

A re-elected Liberal Government will work with partners in academia, the private sector, and the non-profit sector to develop three economic superclusters in New Brunswick.



A re-elected Gallant government will open a competition for private sector organizations, post-secondary institutions, and other potential partners to develop proposals for made-in-New Brunswick economic superclusters to help grow and diversify the economy. The government will also work to align its efforts with those of key partners, such as municipalities, economic development agencies, the federal government, the private sector, academia, and the non-profit sector.


Economic superclusters fuel economic growth while supporting job creation and increased productivity by fostering interconnectivity between a dense network of partners from across research, academic, private sector, and non-profit spheres.


Developing economic superclusters in New Brunswick will further support and enhance existing opportunities within our province’s multi-year Economic Growth Plan. An emerging cybersecurity cluster is already benefitting from significant momentum here in New Brunswick thanks to efforts and investments by the Gallant Government and others.


This emerging cybersecurity cluster has benefited from a series of investments and initiatives that are positioning New Brunswick as a Canadian leader in this emerging domain. These include:

  • The creation of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at the University of New Brunswick, an innovative hub for research, training, and industry collaboration. IBM Security became an early partner in terms of research and development and, more recently, TD became a founding corporate member, the first Canadian bank to do so.
  • The launch of the CyberLaunch Academy, a virtual academy that encompasses academia and private-sector training, to provide computer science classes for K–12 students;
  • The launch of CyberTitan, the Canadian version of the American CyberPatriot program, within New Brunswick’s high schools and middle schools;
  • The opening of the National Innovation Centre for Cybersecurity in Fredericton by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, which is expected to grow to create 40 jobs;
  • An investment by Siemens to build a global centre of competence in Fredericton, aiming to create up 60 jobs;
  • The establishment by Bell Canada of a new National Service Centre in Fredericton, creating up to 150 jobs and strengthening New Brunswick’s ITC sector; and
  • The construction of a new Cyber Park building beginning in the summer 2018.


The Gallant Liberal Government developed the multi-year New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan, which aims to grow the economy and create job opportunities for New Brunswick citizens. This plan focuses on strategic investments in infrastructure, in the responsible development of New Brunswick’s natural resources, in fostering innovation within traditional industries as well as emerging ones like cyber security, in supporting small businesses, in developing a skilled workforce, and in boosting growth sectors like tourism. Over the past four years:

  • Government contributed to the creation of 15,000 jobs;
  • The economy has grown every year compared to retraction under the Conservatives;
  • The unemployment rate has gone from 10.1 percent to around 8 percent;
  • As of 2017, New Brunswick has the largest population in its history; and
  • Government surpassed deficit targets due to our economy growing faster than the private sector has predicted, and the auditor general has confirmed that government has a budget surplus in New Brunswick for 2017-18.