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Liberal motion urges government to take action on vaping

December 16, 2019News

With severe respiratory illnesses associated with vaping becoming more apparent each day, the Liberal opposition presented a motion this week calling on government to take action on this issue, including making vaping less attractive and accessible to young people.


“These e-cigarettes and ‘juices’ as they are commonly called, are very appealing to young people because of their fruity and sweet flavours.” said Liberal health critic Jean Claude D’Amours. “Young people are often unaware of the amount of nicotine they are consuming while vaping and become addicted.”


The motion calls for the consideration of a ban on the flavoured vaping juices.


There are very few restrictions on the advertising or retailing of vaping products, and there are very real concerns about the lack of regulation in relation to this industry.


In the past, the provincial government has brought in measures to impose restrictions related to tobacco smoking, including measures designed to reduce the number of young smokers.


D’Amours said the time has come to also address the dangers associated with vaping.


“We are learning more about the potentially serious health risks associated with these products,” D’Amours said. “We’ve seen stories of young people dying from illnesses related to vaping, we need to address this before it starts happening here.”