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Liberal Leader Susan Holt to seek nomination in Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore

November 14, 2022News

Liberal Leader Susan Holt was pleased to announce earlier today, surrounded by liberal supporters, members of caucus and local residents, that she will seek the nomination to become the Liberal candidate for Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore when the byelections are held.

“I am thrilled that I have the chance to run in this beautiful riding, and hopefully someday soon represent the people of Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore in the Legislative Assembly” says Susan Holt, Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party. “I would like to thank Denis Landry for his decades of dedicated service to not only the people of this riding, but to the entire province of New Brunswick as a former Minister and Leader of the Opposition.”


After 23 years of being in provincial politics, Denis Landry decided it was time to move into the world of municipal politics and was recently acclaimed as the first Mayor of the new community of Hautes-Terres.


“Ending my time as the MLA for Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore was not an easy decision, but it reassures me to know that the people of this riding will continue to have vocal representation in Fredericton with Susan Holt as their MLA” says Denis Landry, outgoing MLA for Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore. “Now we can only hope the Higgs Government calls the byelections in a timely manner to ensure people don’t go without representation for too long.”

Susan Holt will be seeking the candidacy for Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore through an open nomination. This process will begin once the riding becomes vacant, meaning after Denis Landry, the current MLA for Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore, officially resigns.