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Liberal Government Will Ensure Access to Millions in Federal Funding for Infrastructure

August 24, 2020News

Riverview (August 24, 2020) – Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers announced today that a Liberal government will work in partnership with the federal government to boost infrastructure investment across the province.


Under an agreement signed in 2018, Ottawa has set aside $673 million over the next decade for infrastructure projects in New Brunswick, but 78% of these funds remain unallocated.


“The economic situation is alarming, we need to act now,” said Vickers. “Hundreds of millions of dollars in federal infrastructure funds are currently available but Blaine Higgs refuses to take advantage of them. If that money is left on the table, our province will fall behind in terms of economic recovery and the consequences will be disastrous.”


Other provinces recognize that investments in infrastructure create jobs, generate revenue and are essential to economic recovery. Alberta Premier Jason Kenny recently announced a major multifaceted economic stimulus package, focusing on building strategic infrastructure and diversifying Alberta’s economy. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced a $7.5 billion infrastructure program to repair aging infrastructure and assist municipalities. “These two provinces currently have Conservative governments, but they have put partisanship aside to find a way to use federal money for the good of their province,” said the Liberal leader. “Blaine Higgs has taken a confrontational approach to dealing with the federal government at the expense of our economy.  New Brunswick deserves better. »


According to Liberal leader, the federal government is committed to supporting businesses and individuals, but the Higgs government is sitting on its hands.  Vickers is concerned that the lack of infrastructure investment and the cutbacks imposed by Blaine Higgs could lead to a contraction in the New Brunswick economy. “New Brunswick is headed for the wall, if we continue at this pace it will take decades to recover.  There is an urgent need to re-establish our relationship with the federal government before it’s too late. My government will not leave hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. Within 30 days of taking office, we will return to the table with Ottawa to reactivate cooperation so that we can strategically invest in infrastructure, stimulate our economy and support our businesses”.



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