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Liberal candidate calls on Higgs to clarify whether he supports Jason Kenney’s controversial positions

August 26, 2018News

Riverview candidate Brent Mazerolle called on Conservative leader Blaine Higgs to clarify whether he supports some of the controversial positions of Alberta United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney.

Kenney is scheduled to join Higgs on the campaign trail in New Brunswick this weekend.


Controversy has dogged the Albertan politician for some of the more extreme positions he has taken over the years.


Recently Kenney called for teachers to be able to “out” their gay students to parents of their classmates. He sided with a school that fired a teacher because of their sexual orientation and once implied that the advancement of gay rights opened the door to polygamy and incest.


“We want to know if these are positions that Mr. Higgs supports,” said Mazerolle. “Under the leadership of Brian Gallant, New Brunswick has made great strides on socially progressive files, from the advancement of LGBTQ rights to making advancement on issues relating to women. New Brunswick has also gained attention for its compassion as being the country’s most welcoming province in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.”


Higgs has said in relation to some People’s Alliance candidates that people need to be accountable for positions they have taken in the past.