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If recommended by Public Health, the Official Opposition will support mandatory masks

September 30, 2020News

Fredericton (September 30, 2020) – The Liberal Opposition will support a mandatory mask regulation for all public spaces in New Brunswick if recommended by Public Health and Dr. Jennifer Russell.


“When the pandemic first came to New Brunswick in March, we were forced to close our businesses, shut down our services and close our schools. A second lockdown would be devastating to our economy and our mental health,” says the interim leader of the Official opposition, Roger Melanson. “We need to be proactive and do everything in our power as citizens to minimize the chance of second wave of the virus in our province. We know cases are increasing around us, so if our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jennifer Russell, recommends a mandatory mask policy for public spaces, we will fully support it.”


As the cold and flu season approaches and with the rapidly increasing Covid-19 case numbers in jurisdictions around New Brunswick, the Liberal leader says it is important to take action now.


“Right now, we have achieved a great balance between protecting public health and having the freedom to lives our lives in a somewhat normal way. If we want to continue going to restaurants and stores, benefiting from various services, and seeing our loved ones, we need to be proactive,” says Melanson. “Family gatherings may be limited in the near future; we need to put all the chances on our side for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”


“If Public Health says adopting a mandatory mask policy in public spaces while the case numbers are very low could reduce the impact of a second wave here in New Brunswick and potentially avoid a second lockdown, we will be totally in favour of this decision.”


Wearing a mask significantly reduces the spread of Covid-19 by preventing respiratory droplets from being inhaled by other people and landing on frequently touched areas.


“It has been proven that people without symptoms can still carry and spread the virus, so as previously stated by Dr. Russell, we should behave as though we are contagious and keep taking the proper precautions,” says Mr. Melanson. “Wearing a mask when in public places is a small inconvenience in order to ensure the safety of those around us.”