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Healthy Seniors Pilot Project

June 26, 2018News

Your federal and provincial liberal governments launched the $75-million Healthy Seniors Pilot Project today in Moncton.


The pilot will focus on applied research initiatives, to be carried out over the next three years, to help better understand the effects of aging and improve the aging experience for seniors and their loved ones. The federal government announced in its 2018 budget that $75 million over three years would be directed toward a wide range of applied research initiatives to encourage healthy aging and improve the quality of life for seniors.


Initiatives within the pilot project will help to improve understanding of the effects of aging on the New Brunswick population, including the different challenges that women and men face. Funding for projects under the pilot project will be available for government and non-governmental groups to initiate projects that will align with, support and further the government’s efforts in the implementation of the New Brunswick Aging Strategy.