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The Minister of Post-Secondary Education owes New Brunswick post-secondary students an explanation

July 11, 2022News

New Brunswick post-secondary students and student organizations were shocked to recently learn that the EI Connect program had been abruptly cancelled by the Higgs government without prior notification. The timing of the cancellation is especially troubling as students had no warning to prepare for the summer and to ensure they were able to afford to continue their post-secondary studies. Without the program or a reasonable replacement for the support it provided, many students will not be able to afford the high tuition rates they face in New Brunswick.


The Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour is reported to be meeting with the student representatives this week. At a minimum, he owes New Brunswick post-secondary students an explanation and a reasonable offer of another program or sources of funding to assist students attain a post-secondary education. New Brunswick has some of the lowest post-secondary attainment rates in the country and some of the highest tuitions rates as well. New Brunswick students deserve better from the Higgs government.