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Government receives failing grades ahead of State of the Province

January 24, 2024News

Fredericton (January 24, 2024) – The New Brunswick Liberal Party published a report card today grading the current government’s progress on key files including healthcare, housing, cost of living, and education. The report card was compiled using data from community sector organizations, a survey of stakeholders, and third-party research.


“Ahead of the State of Province address, we felt it was important to provide New Brunswickers’ perspectives on the current state of four key sectors in our province,” says Susan Holt, Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party. “The Premier likes to paint a rosy picture, but the data tells a bleak story about the state of our province.”


The report card shows failing grades across all four sectors. Government progress on healthcare, cost of living, and education were all in the low 30s, due to the increasing number of New Brunswickers struggling to access care, rising costs, and decline in student academic performance. Housing fell the furthest short at 22%, with high vacancy rates, construction delays, and a sharp increase in those experiencing homelessness.