The constitution of the New Brunswick Seniors Liberal Commission which is designed to represent the concerns of seniors, was adopted at the NBLA Biennial Convention in Saint John, November 8, 2013.


Membership is open to all seniors who have reached the age of 60 and are members in good standing of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, and/or those who have reached the age of 65 and are members in good standing of the Liberal Party of Canada. To become a member, contact nbseniorslc@gmail.com

Our Mandate

The Seniors Commission Advocates and supports the political principles of the Liberal Party.

  • Fosters an awareness of the Party and the political system among Seniors.
  • Represents and promotes the interests of Seniors within the party and assists through advisement and policy development, Leaders, Officers and elected Members of the Party.
  • Increases the active participation of Seniors in both the federal and provincial Liberal party.
  • Sustains the ideas and organizational structures of both Parties to meet the needs of citizens and the country.
  • Promotes the election of Liberal candidates to both the House of Commons and the Legislative Assembly.


We would encourage all seniors to become a member of the NBSLC to contribute to the development of policy and to promote awareness of seniors’ issues. For more information and to join:

Contact Mary Carpenter, President, NBSLC at nbseniorslc@gmail.com
or please call the NBLA directly at 1-800-442-4902 or 506-453-3950.

NBSLC Executive


Mary Carpenter


Roger Cyr

Vice President


Carolyn Hull


Carolyn Hull


Anne Marie Gillis
Policy Chair


Sylvia Humphries
Past President

Regional Vice Presidents (each of the 10 Federal Ridings)


Role of the Regional Vice-President:
As a member of the Executive Committee, is a liaison between the Provincial Riding Seniors Representative, the Regional Director for their region and the Executive of the New Brunswick Seniors Liberal Commission.




Yvon Roy




Ralph Wood


Emmett Hogan
Miramichi – Grand Lake


Henri Battah




Sylvia Sparks
Saint John-Rothesay


Roger Cyr


Clair Ripley and Linda Watson (Co-Chairs)
New Brunswick Southwest