Volunteers are the backbone of our party.


Without the many hours of canvassing, coffee runs, and putting up signs we would not be where we are today. We acknowledge that our goals cannot be achieved without the tireless volunteers that keep our party strong. In recognition of the contributions made by so many individuals across the province, the New Brunswick Liberal Association established the Kaye Rafferty Award for Volunteer Service.


Kaye passed away in 2015, but she left a volunteering legacy to remember. Kaye began volunteering when she was 15 years old and dedicated a lifetime of service to the Liberal cause. She was a mainstay of her local riding association, and fulfilled many vital roles, from feeding volunteers to organizing phone banks, managing voter lists to updating maps. Kaye was an integral member of many campaigns and to her local Liberal community.


Like Kaye, this year’s recipient will similarly demonstrate generosity of spirit and time, and hold dedication and faith in our party’s goals. If you have a friend or know a local Liberal who fulfills these descriptions, please submit a nominee using the form below.


To download a pdf copy of the Kaye Rafferty Volunteer Nominee form, click here.


Deadline for submissions is April 10th, 2020.