Support a stronger healthcare system

Through record investments and an overall budget increase of 9.8 percent since 2014, the Liberal Government has demonstrated its commitment to quality and accessible healthcare.



Beyond making significant investments to healthcare infrastructure around the province, as well as committing to maintain services in rural areas, the Gallant Liberals have made other significant improvements to New Brunswick’s healthcare system:


  • The hiring of over 300 new doctors, meaning over 90 net new doctors, bringing New Brunswick’s rate of access to family doctors up to 95 percent, the highest score in the country;
  • The empowerment and addition of more healthcare professionals such as nurse practitioners, advanced care paramedics, and midwives;
  • The construction of 10 new nursing homes and significant renovations to many others;
  • The addition of 1000 new nursing home beds and memory care beds;
  • New and enhanced programs and services to help seniors stay in their homes longer;
  • An investment of $75-million and a partnership with the federal government to create an aging pilot program in New Brunswick designed to improve the quality of life of seniors.