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Workers have the right to a fair bargaining process

November 24, 2022News

The Official Opposition is condemning elements of a bill tabled earlier today by the Higgs Government, An Act to Amend the Public Service Labour Relations Act, because it heavily impacts workers right to strike.


“Workers have fought hard for the right to bargain, and this bill goes against the spirit of that bargaining process” says Keith Chiasson, Official Opposition critic for Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. “There are ongoing collective agreements being negotiated and others to be negotiated soon. Clearly this Government has no intention on negotiating in good faith, they are creating a hostile situation.”


In the Speech from the Throne delivered in October, there was a mention of labour relations that caused concern due to this government’s history of bad-faith negotiations and my way or the highway attitude.


“Yet another example of this government using a heavy hand and overexerting its power to infringe on the rights of New Brunswickers” says Mr. Chiasson. “Workers have a right to advocate for themselves and their livelihood and this government is doing everything it can to prevent that.”


Liberal Leader Susan Holt is discouraged to see another attack on New Brunswicker’s rights by this government. “This is not what New Brunswickers want, and it’s not what our province needs, it’s another example of this government being out of touch with the lived experiences of those working on the front lines. This is yesterday’s government; they are not listening, and they refuse to build relationships and bargain in good faith”