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New Brunswick needs a vaccine passport

September 15, 2021News

The Liberal Opposition is reiterating their plea for the Higgs Government to move forward with a vaccine passport for New Brunswickers.


“For weeks we have been urging the Higgs government to develop and implement a vaccine passport that will help slow the spread of the virus and keep New Brunswickers safe” says Roger Melanson, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Earlier this week the Premier suggested that additional measures could be taken to slow the spread of the virus. I want to hear today that New Brunswick will be moving ahead with some form of proof of vaccination document, or as it is commonly called: ‘a vaccine passport.’”


With the number of active Covid-19 cases climbing at an alarming rate, the Liberal Leader believes action needs to be taken now and deplores the lack of urgency from the Premier.


“Right now, we are seeing the effects of a government that drags its feet. While active cases in the province were increasing significantly and other jurisdictions were preparing or implementing their vaccine passport, Premier Higgs was still undecided” says Roger Melanson, MLA for Dieppe. “I frankly do not understand why the Higgs government has not yet implemented a vaccine passport in New Brunswick.”


With other provinces implementing their own versions of vaccine passports, it will likely become necessary for New Brunswickers to show proof of vaccination when travelling within the country. “Not only is the vaccine passport a tool that can be used to limit the spread of the virus, but it could also be a way of ensuring New Brunswickers have the ability to travel between provinces that require proof of vaccination” says the Liberal Leader.