MONCTON – Two Liberal Party candidates in Moncton, Susy Campos and Courtney Pringle Carver, are uniting their voices to lend support to a proposed recreation centre in Moncton’s North End.


“Residents of this area have been calling for recreational and community facilities in their neighborhood for almost twenty years,” said Courtney Pringle-Carver, Liberal candidate for the electoral district of Moncton Northwest, “I believe the time is right for this project.”


“Moncton North has seen consistent growth for a number of years,” added liberal candidate for Moncton Southwest, Susy Campos, “It is important we offer our youth a place where they can learn, exercise, and play.”


Last December, an agreement had been reached between the City of Moncton and the Greater Moncton YMCA on a partnership to develop a community centre in the City’s North End at an estimated cost of $17 million. The City has confirmed its commitment for its share of funding for the project, while the Greater Moncton YCMA will contribute with a capital campaign. The project’s funding gap of $8 million would need to be filled by contributions from both the Federal and Provincial governments.


“Strategic infrastructure projects like this will not only improve quality of life for New Brunswick families, but will create jobs both during the construction phase and in operations,” mentioned Campos. “This project in particular will have a great impact on families in both the electoral districts of Moncton Southwest and Moncton Northwest.”


“I’m optimistic the provincial government and Premier Brian Gallant will support this great project,” added Pringle-Carver, “we will continue to advocate for this project”.




(Photo: Google Maps via Times and Transcript)