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The rising cost of fuel must be addressed

March 7, 2022News

The Official Opposition is calling on the Higgs Government to address the rapidly rising price of fuel in New Brunswick.


“The cost of living in New Brunswick has risen significantly yet the Higgs Government has done nothing to help” says Roger Melanson, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Keeping a roof over your head costs more than ever before, feeding your family is becoming increasingly difficult as the price of food increases steadily and now we’re seeing multiple drastic spikes in gas prices.”


The maximum price for regular fuel has risen by over 13 per cent in four days, representing a jump of 23.8 cents a litre since March 2nd.


“The cost of gas has gone up three times since Wednesday! New Brunswickers are paying 23.8 cents more per litre than they were a week ago, something must be done” says Roger Melanson. “The Higgs Government can step in and find a solution to these skyrocketing prices. All options must be considered, and that includes temporarily reducing the provincial tax rate on fuel sales.”


With two consecutive surpluses totalling almost a billion dollars, the Higgs Government has ability to act and make life more affordable for New Brunswickers. Melanson believes they once again underestimated the increase in gasoline and motive fuel tax for the third quarter by projecting an increase of only $5 million.


“Premier Higgs has benefitted from the rising cost of living in New Brunswick. Their surpluses are in part due to the increase in tax revenue they receive, it’s time to give some of that back to New Brunswickers” says Melanson. “Premier Higgs wants his legacy to be about surpluses, but unless he takes responsibility and makes life more affordable in New Brunswick, his legacy will be about how people struggled under the Higgs Government.”