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Thank You

September 13, 2019News

Dear Liberals,


Volunteering with the Liberal party has always been a part of my life (as the son of a Liberal MP, perhaps I didn’t have much choice!). Serving in various capacities within this party, from volunteer to fieldworker and now as executive director—I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to meet and build relationships with Liberals from all walks of life. Witnessing the dynamism and dedication from within our membership over the years has been nothing short of inspiring. We are a unique collective of New Brunswickers, bound by our shared Liberal values and goals to make our province a better place.


In April, I shared with our new leader that after the transition, I would be ending my tenure as executive director, and moving on to a new opportunity in the private sector. The time has now come, and I am feeling bittersweet. However, I leave with great confidence in knowing that the party will be in excellent hands as Greg Byrne will fill the position as interim executive director.


As I reflect on our achievements, I am filled with gratitude and pride knowing that I had a small contribution in the storied history of our party, which has stood as a pillar for progress in New Brunswick for over 136 years. We have much to be proud of! I want to thank our former interim-leader, Denis Landry, for his leadership, and former leader and Premier, Brian Gallant, for providing me with the opportunity to have played this role. Furthermore, and with great emphasis, I want to thank the incredible staff and volunteers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. As we look towards our future, I hope that we continually work hard to grow our membership to become more inclusive and diverse—growing the big Liberal tent to reflect our ever-changing society. With Kevin Vickers’ strong leadership taking us into our next chapter, I know we can do this. While much work remains, I will never be too far away from the party I love, and am looking forward to once again playing my part as a volunteer and supporter!


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all very much for your continued support of our great party.


Keiller Zed